Sunday, February 23, 2020

Doing the Write Thing: Gerry Alanguilan

Hello everyone! Ilyn here once again. It's been a very long time since something is posted on this site. We are paying for the domain without really updating this, and it's time to change that! ELMER has a new international English edition coming from Epigram Books of Singapore, and I'm very excited to promote it so a lot more people can read this wonderful book that Gerry created. In the coming days, I will post and share about ELMER and other ELMER-related news, and where to get the various editions of the book from. And update the buttons on the right sidebar >>>! Most of the latest news, you probably knew already from his Facebook Page.

In the meantime, please visit and if you're so inclined, purchase your 2020 edition of ELMER here:
For now, let me leave you with a video we shot as promotional material for Epigram edition of ELMER three days before he passed on. He was so excited to have a new publisher for the book, and was really looking forward to sharing it with more people especially here in Southeast Asia. Gerry was able to answer the majority of the questions for this Q&A, and Epigram edited the video for him, and here it is.

And here's a related article:

by Ilyn Florese-Alanguilan

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